About OBDA
OBDA is standard developed by the Open Bioinformatics Foundation to standardize the way projects access sequence data resources. Simply put this includes local sequence resources (indexed flatfiles), remote databases (web accessible sequence resources), CORBA servers (implementing the BioCORBA/BSANE specification), and RDBMS using the BioSQL schema.

Much of our discussions take place on the BioSQL-l mailing list. Please subscribe if interested.


[Jan - March 2002]

Getting Started
For now OBDA is a preliminary specification which all the Open-Bio Toolkits will implement. The completed implementations are available as part of the specific Open-Bio Toolkit packages. We'll have links here eventually to provide easy to use examples of the system.

Performance Numbers
Performance numbers from the Cape Town leg of hackathon are here. We'll be re-running these again on a new standard machine as the implementations are improved. Additionally reports from production use of the some of the implementations in high performance environments such as the Sanger compute farm will be included.
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